How To Deal With Long Work Hours Without Burning Out certain periods of the year, work can become very stressful and busy for lots of working Americans. Sometimes, work can become very busy all of the sudden, which makes many workers have to work much more than usual. This is even worse when there isn’t something such as overtime offered by the employer. However, there are many ways that a person can learn to cope and deal with long work hours. Here’s how a person can learn to deal with working long hours without burning out.

One of the most important ways that a person can cope with long hours is by taking regular breaks. Indeed, it may sound silly that a person that has to work longer hours should take breaks. However, lots of research shows that individuals that work on such things as computers for many consecutive hours without any breaks often burn out much quicker than those that take breaks. It may seem unproductive in the short term to take breaks ever hour or two. However, in the long term it allows a person to be able to be as productive as possible without burning out. Taking a break simply means taking a five or ten minute break every hour or two by walking around outside of perhaps having a coffee.

o-THINGS-HAPPY-PEOPLE-DO-AT-WORK-facebookStaying calm is absolutely vital for someone who is trying to work very long hours. Stress has been linked to lots of employees burning out very quickly. If a person has lots of stress and can’t cope, they usually end up losing concentration and becoming very unproductive. Often times, it can be vicious cycle where a person starts to burn out from working too much, then gets frustrated that they are burning out, then get even more burned out because they have started to stress. Hence, staying calm is vital to ensuring that a person can be able to perform at maximum capacity at work without burning out.

Calming techniques include such things as learning to breath slowly, through the nose. Many individuals that are under lots of pressure and feel stressed will start to breath very quickly, through their mouths. Mouth breathing has been known to be much more inefficient in regards to breathing than nose breathing. Furthermore, fast and short breaths often agitates the nervous system in an individual. Individuals that breath very quick, short breaths, often end up burning out much quicker because their nervous system goes haywire. Hence, staying calm and breathing slowly through the nose when working is key to keeping the nervous system cam and keeping the brain from getting exhausted.

Long-working-hours-can-da-007These calming techniques often can take quite a while for someone to master. However, once a person knows how to properly breath effectively when working under pressure, they will be able to work productively and efficiently significantly more than someone who has trouble handling pressure while working.

Thus, through calming techniques and taking regular breaks, long work hours can be completed without getting burned out. Mastering these techniques will take lots of practice, but is well worth it.